If you’re looking for a hassle free, fully managed vending service, BDS Vending Solutions is the right solution for you.

BDS Vending Solutions can manage your whole vending service and ensure that your machines are always clean, working and merchandised with a range of market leading drinks and snacks including an extensive healthy product range.

The Full Service

The BDS Vending Solutions proposition offers you a highly efficient and professional level of service, ensuring that your customers have, at all times, access to a comprehensive range of market leading brands delivered to them in prime condition.

We will call to machines as often as necessary. This service involves no capital outlay; no maintenance contract costs, no labour costs and no risk and can generate a significant income, which is based on the throughput of the machines.

  • Provide the vending machines
  • Order the stock for the machine as required
  • Store all the product
  • Fill and clean the vending machines as often as required
  • Carry out any repairs or maintenance to the machine if required
  • Collect cash from the machine as required
  • Manage the financial accounts in relation to this cash and provide detailed information on the sales.

Understanding Your Needs

BDS Vending Solution believes that in order to provide the optimal solution for our clients, we must possess a full and clear understanding of how their business operates, as well as the main challenges they face in achieving growth and success.

We believe that the employees and visitors to your business or venue need a vending service at hand that will at all times deliver a comprehensive range of top-selling products delivered to them on the go.

With this understanding in mind and with our similar approach to being dedicated to deliver high standards of service in the vending industry, we believe we have the complete vending solution that will meet your needs.

Management of Information & Reports

We have invested heavily in a management information system that enables us to report machine-by-machine at a very detailed level. This has helped our business to increase productivity, further cut delivery costs, cut paperwork, and reduce losses, improve operations, and increase customer satisfaction.

Our management information system gives us the ability to make sure our route fillers only visit those sites that require a fill. It uses sales data and graphical reporting to create targeted merchandising based on the best-selling products, locations and price points.

Route Planning

Accurate route planning is an essential ingredient needed in any distribution company, as it:

  • Ensures that all products are on sale at all times
  • Ensures customer satisfaction by building confidence and reliability
  • Optimises delivery times, call frequencies and quantity of calls, size of deliveries and overall volume
  • Allows maximum profits from our use of resources.
  • Ensures accurate regular information on individual product sales, which in turn allows for accurate planogram.

Some accounts require daily deliveries and others weekly and monthly. Weather conditions also play a part in sales i.e. in hot weather we sell more drinks.


We believe that hygiene and a clean appearance play a vital role in the performance of our machines and our reputation in the market.

At each visit, the route filler will wipe down any dirt that may have accumulated on the machines since the last visit. Before leaving your site the route filler will collect all packaging created (generated from filling the machine) and return all waste to our depot for recycling.

In addition to that on public sites and areas where the machines are likely to accumulate a lot of dirt the machines will be cleaned and refurbished by a service engineer on a monthly basis.

Accountability & Clarity

BDS Vending Solutions have invested heavily in a management information system that enables us to report machine by machine in real time at a very detailed level. This has helped our business to increase productivity, cut delivery costs, cut paperwork, reduce losses, improve operations and drive efficiency to reduce any down time due to low stock.

All our Vending sales information is processed through remote handheld computers, which enables us to give 100% real time accurate information on our vending base.

Commission and Sales by product sold through your machine is provided on a bi -annual basis to insure accurate commission payments.

At any stage if you require a sales summary on how your machine is operating just e-mail your request to info@vending.ie and a report will be mailed back to you.

Cashless Payment Systems

50% of non-vends are due to people not having the appropriate change. With the introduction of telemetry and the advances in technology we have started introducing mobile and credit card payment systems on our vending machines.

Our cashless payment systems and note readers offer the following benefits:-

  • Extra payment options increase convenience and sales;
  • Purchasing is faster;
  • The need for coins and notes is eliminated;
  • Offers a more secure payment method;
  • No registration required;
  • Mobile payment works with all the major phone companies;
  • Reduces cash held in machines.

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