We can stock your vending machines with a broad range of products including confectionary, soft drinks and hot beverages.

We stock over 2000 vending machines nationwide with operational centres in Dublin, Cork, Belfast, Galway, Sligo, Limerick and Wexford.

Below is a selection of our high volume products.

Cold Drinks


Healthy Choice

Avonmore Apple Aero Milk Alpen No Added Sugar
Avonmore Orange Juice Blue Berry Muffin 100g Alpen Original
Cawson Press Cloudy Apple Juice Cadbury Curly Wurly Banana Chips
Orange & Pineapple Smoothie Cadbury Dairy Milk Little Bar Belvita Breakfast Biscuit
Raspberry & Blueberry Smoothie Cadbury Dairy Milk Chilli Bites
Ribena Blackcurrant Cadbury Mini Fingers Chilli Cashew & Peanut
Ribena Orange Cadbury Snack Sandwich Purple Chilli Cashew & Peanut Bulk
Ribena Straw Cadbury Wispa Chocolate Peanuts
7 up Cadburys Bournville Chocolate Raisins
7 Up Free Cadburys Crunchie Std Coco Pops Bar
Britvic 100% Orange Juice Cadburys Flake Standard Corn Flakes Portion Pack
Capri Sonne Cadburys Snack Shortcake Yellow Cranberry, Almond & Pecan Bulk
Club Orange Caramel Slice Handmade Foods Cranberry, Almond & Pecan Mix
Coke Choc Chip Muffin Cranberry, Goji & Seed Mix
Diet Club Orange Choc Crossiant Doves Farm Organic Corn Flakes
Diet Coke Chocolate Peanuts Eat Natural Bars Almond & Yoghurt
Drench Black & Apple Daim Bar Eat Natural Bars Dark Choc & Cranberry
Drench Cranberry & Raspberry Frys Turkish Delight Flahavans Organic Porridge Oats
Drench Orange & Passion Fruit Golden Crisp Frosties Original Bar
Fanta Orange Haribo Starmix Bag Fruit & Nut Mix
Juice Press Apple Haribo Tangfastics Bag Fruit & Nut Mix Bulk
Juice Press Cranberry Kinder Beauno Kelkin Rice Cake Snack
Juice Press Orange Kingsway Mint Imperials Kelloggs Coco Pops
Lilt Kit Kat 2 Finger Kelloggs Crunchy Nut
Luco Revive Cran & Acai Kit Kat Kelloggs Fruit & Fibre
Lucozade Caribbean Crush Lilly O’Briens Toffee Twist Kelloggs Rice Krispies
Lucozade Energy Original M & M Chocolate Pouch Kellogs Bag Paks Bran Flakes
Lucozade Orange Barley M & M Peanut Pouch Kellogs Bag Paks Corn Flakes
Lucozade Raspberry Milka/ Terrys Choc Orange Kellogs Bag Paks Rice Crispies
Lucozade Revive Orange & Acai Oreo Chocolate Biscuits Kellogs Bag Paks Special K
Lucozade Sport Caribbean Burst Polo Mint Standard Manhattan Popcorn
Lucozade Sport Orange Still Rice Krispies Squares Choco Caramel Mixed Nuts Bulk
Ribena Blackcurrant Rowantree Randoms Nature Valley Canadian Maple Syrup
Ribena Strawberry Snack Wafer Bar Nature Valley Chewy Trail Mix Choco
Robinsons Fruit Shoot Black/Ap Na Tiffin Slice Handmade Foods Nature Valley Oats ‘N Honey
Robinsons Fruit shoot Ora&Pin Nas Toblerone Bar Milk Nutri Grain Apple Bar
Sprite Twirl Nutri Grain Blueberry Bar
Vit Hit Berry Boost Yorkie Original Nutri Grain Elevenses Choc Chip Bake
Vit Hit Detox Bounty Twin Milk Chocolate Nutri Grain Elevenses Raisin Bake
Vit Hit Lean & Green Extra Mints Ice Peppermint Nutri Grain Strawberry Bar
Vit Hit Revive Extra Mints Ice Spearmint Pretzels
  Extra Peppermint Quorndon Caramel Fudge Flapjack


Galaxy Bites Quorndon Strawberry Flapjack
Doritos Chilli Heatwave Galaxy Bubbles Quorndon Yoghurt Flapjack
Hula Hoops Original Galaxy Caramel Raisin & Almond Granola Bulk
Hunky Dory Buffalo Galaxy Cookie Rice Krispies Bar
Hunky Dory Cheese & Onion Galaxy Rice Krispies Portion Pack
Hunky Dory Salt & Vineger M & M Chrispy Pouch Rice Krispies Squares Marshmallow
Hunky Dory Sour Cream M & M Chrispy Standard Salted Cashew & Peanut
O’Donnells Baked Ch & Onion M & M Peanut Standard Salted Nuts Bulk
Real Crisps Roast Ox Maltesers Funsize Special K Cereal Portion Pack
Real Crisps Sea Salt & Black Pepper Maltesers Pouch Special K Choc Chip Bar
Real Crisps Sea Salt & Vinegar Maltesers Standard Special K Original Bar
Real Crisps Strong Cheese & Onion Maltesers Teasers Bar Vit Hit Blueberry Acai Warrior Bar
Real Crisps Sweet Chilli Mars Duo Vit Hit Strawberry Goji Guru Bar
Tayto Cheese & Onion Mars Standard Yoghurt Raisins
Tayto Dry Roasted Peanuts Milky Stars  
Tayto Salt & Vinegar Milky Way Duo


Tayto Salted Peanuts Milky Way Stars Double Wall Cup
Tayto Snack Minstrels Solo Soup Container
Tayto Velvet Crunch Cheese & Onion Orbit Complete Spearmint Gum Clear Plastic Portion Pots
Tayto Velvet Crunch Sweet Chilli Revels Pouch Plastic Portion Pots
  Revels Standard Plastic PP Clear Water Cup


Skittles Fruit Large Bag Double Wall Cup
Ballygowan Sparkling Water Skittles Original Fruit White Chinet Bowl
Ballygowan Still Skittles Sour Large Bag Generic Benders Paper Cup
Classic Citrus Fruit water Skittles Sour Standard Biodegradable Sugarcane Plate
Classic Citrus Fruit Water Snickers Single Standard Chinet Duet Oval Plate
Classic Forest Fruit water Starburst Orig Chews Chinet Plate
Classic Forest Fruit Water Starburst Sour Chews Fairy Liquid
River Rock Still Tracker Chocolate Finish Dishwasher Salt 5kg
Rocwell Sparkling Water Tracker Roasted Nut Finish Prof. powerball Tabs
Rocwell Water Twix Funsize Just One Napkin
Vita Coco Natural Twix Twin Standard Premium Champagne Fork
Vita Coco Orange Water   Premium Champagne Knife
Vita Coco Pineapple Water

Milk Drinks

Premium Champagne Spoon
  Alpro Original Soya Milk Round Hinged Container

Hot Drinks

AvonmoreSlimline Milk Sugarcane Bowl
Automatic R Hot Choc Avonmore Light Milk Wooden Stirrers
Barrys Gold Blend Tea Bags Avonmore Milk  
Brown Sugar Sticks Java Avonmore Milk


Canderel Sachets Hayes Farms Peach Melba Yogurt Avonmore Mini Butters
Java Cactus Espresso Bean Hayes Farms Strawberry Yogurt Boyne Valley Honey Sqeezy
Java Munkey Espresso Bean Pro X Strawberry Yogurt Drink Flahavans Progress Oatlets
Java Zombi  Fetco 50g Grnd Coffee Provamel Bio Organic Almond LowLow Mini Butters
Lipton Peppermint Tea bags Provamel Bio Organic Oat Drink Mediterani Mini Assorted Jams
Lyons Tea Bags 1 Cup Yazoo Chocolate Milk Panda Peanut Butter Crunchy
Monin Syrup Caramel Yazoo Strawberry Milk Panda Peanut Butter Smooth
Monin Syrup Roasted Hazelnut Yop Strawberry  
Monin Syrup Vanilla Yoplait Fruits the Forest Yogurt

Cosmetic & Sport

Nescafe Gold Blend Decaf Sachets Yoplait Hazelnut Yogurt Always Ultra Normal
Nestle Aero Hot Chocolate Sachet Yoplait Melon & Orange Yogurt Always Ultra Normal Plus
Twinings Green Tea bags Yoplait Strawberry Yogurt Dental Care Kit
White Sugar Sticks Java   Gillette Cool Wave Shower Gel
    Gillette Mach 3 Disposablee 3’s
    Gillette Satin Care Shave Gel
    Gillette Sens Skin Shave Gel
    Gillette Venus Oceana 3’s
    Kinetica Crisp Pro
    Shaving Kit
    Swimming Cap Cloth
    Tampax Super 12
    Whispermint Travel Mouthwash

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