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Making Healthy Snacking Simple

snack_senseAt Snack Sense from BDS Vending Solutions we continue to look at innovative ways to provide you with nutritional information to empower you to make informed decision with ease.

We have a commitment to meet your needs in the areas of nutrition and will continue to provide information to help you understand and make choices that best meet your balanced diet and lifestyle goals.

Why should we snack?

It is a common misconception that snacking is unhealthy but this is not the case.

    • Snacks provide an important 30% of children’s daily calorie requirements.
    • Healthy snacks provide good nutrition but also support lifelong healthy eating habits.
    • Healthy snacking helps to prevent certain diseases in later life.
    • All children will have varied requirements based on their energy output, so healthy options of varied calorie contents should be on offer to cover all groups.

Working with our consultant dietitian Aveen Bannon we have graded a huge range of healthy snacks and drinks into three categories GOLD, SILVER and BRONZE all of which fit into our healthy eating offering.


What is a healthy snack?

  • 200 calories or less
  • 7g or less of fat*
  • 0g of trans fat
  • 15g or less of sugar
  • 0.2g or less of sodium (0.5g of salt)
  • No artificial sweeteners

What is a healthy beverage?

  • All low fat milks should contain less than 30g of sugar per 250mls serving
  • Juice drinks should contain at least 25% juice
  • Contain no caffeine

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